Tuesday, July 24, 2012

time flies when you're having fun.

There is nothing to say except my next several posts and renewed attempt at blogging will be WAY out of order and WAY overdue. God is so good. Since I last blogged…

Meggie had her sweet baby Charlotte (and now due in six weeks with another girl!)

Lindsey had her handsome Charlie boy (side note: her first trip away from this guy was our wedding – best matron of honor EVER. Seriously, she could be Matron of Honor for hire.)

Patrick proposed in New Orleans.

I said “YES” to Patrick in New Orleans.

Patrick’s sister Leslie had her first, Hayden James. They live a couple of miles from us and he is the cutest and best little nugget ever.

Patrick's sister Kelsey had her third, Auburne Ann. Kelsey is a rockstar – she’s got THREE adorable ones under the age of two and a half. Love Ford and Saylor and now Auburne!

(Patrick and me with Auburne Ann, Saylor, Ford and Hayden!)

Staci and Mike got married!

Ryan finished his first year of medical school, thanks largely in part to Patrick and I’s Meals on Wheels program we provide for him. It could also just be called the Chips and Salsa on Demand program.

I finished remodeling my house on Slattery, put it on the market and sold it four days later.

I moved into Patrick’s house and started what is now affectionately called “The Merge.” It is actually me gently taking over the house.

I am no longer practicing law and am now CEO of the household. No, I did not give myself that title – Patrick is the best!

Brannon and Melanie made an announcement – Baby Brown is expected to arrive December

Patrick and I got married in a fairytale wedding at The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia on June 24 surrounded by our closest friends and family. I get now why everyone says your wedding day is the best. I am ready to relive it and will tivo it with any listening ear. Pictures are not in but a sneak peek can be seen here at: http://scotthopkinsphotography.com/blog.

(With my adorable junior bridesmaid....getting ready to head down the aisle.)

And now, after a fabulous honeymoon to Bora Bora, we are settling in at home and I am tossing around new blog names because “The Lawyer and the Baker” isn’t totally fitting anymore.

So happy to be back!

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