Saturday, June 18, 2011

charlotte jean.

Meggie’s sweet baby girl is on the way – July 9 – and we are counting down the days until Charlotte’s arrival and celebrating while we wait! We celebrated Charlotte's arrival with a sweet shower in Dallas and had a great time! Meggie is one of my first and oldest college friends. We met our first day at Baylor living across the hall from each other on the 6th floor of Collins. We then pledged together, and now I live less than a mile from she and Ryan in Shreveport! Here's a little flashback to senior year at Baylor – Spring Break 2005. Pretty sure times have changed just a little!

I think Charlotte might be the most loved baby ever and she’s not even here! The two future first-time grandmothers are beside themselves with joy.

My two other Baylor girls – Taylor & Lindsey – completed the celebration! No, we are not yet our mothers and might all be working girls, but we pulled off a perfect shower. Perfect mama-to-be, perfect company, perfect food. Have I mentioned how I love these girls?? (Lindsey’s sweet Charlie is due in October!)

So, I love all things monogrammed. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before. And I think that everyone should share my love for all things monogrammed. So all of my friends’ kiddos will be in monogrammed clothes…monogrammed burp clothes, including Charlotte Jean. Just trying to help avoid a future identity crisis. Everyone of Charlotte's gifts has been monogrammed.

This past week I also had the chance to celebrate Miss Charlotte again at a Shreveport shower with all of Meggie's Bible Study Fellowship leadership. What a precious time. So fun to see how many people LOVE Meggie and the lives she's blessed.

Charlotte, though your momma has never changed a diaper, she's an amazing woman and is so excited to meet you!


  1. Jess, what a sweet friend you are! And so talented with your monogramming, baking, blogging and shower-giving skills! Aunt Jess will spoil Miss Charlotte rotten!

    By the way, did you really wear a baby-pink cardigan to Carlos & Charlie's??? :)

  2. Such a great party planner you are, not to mention a friend filled with a heart of gold. Love getting to see you celebrate with others.