Thursday, August 4, 2011

watersound beach trip 2011

It’s time to talk about the Powells. I’ve mentioned Dave in a previous post – Ukraine Mission Trip. But there’s way more to the Powell name than just Dave. There’s Allison, Marshall, and my Mary Claire. And I LOVE them all. And I guess the feeling is a little mutual because they’ve let me crash their beach trip the last two years.

David and Allison were my Sunday school teachers at Dawson when I first moved to Birmingham. From there I babysat their kids. And then after a few late night conversations when they returned home from concerts and date nights, I realized they were way cool. David was my “networker” throughout law school and my professional encouragement. After about a year of knowing them, I was eating at their house once a week (or more!) and getting M and MC for our kid nights out. I then just asked to be put on the “Allison Powell meal plan.” I could have turned down my Shreveport job offer just to stay near these people. When I say I LOVE this family, I mean I LOVE this family. What a great example of marriage, family, and living out the Christian faith. So, when the Watersound invitation was extended for the second year, I said YES.

MJ, MC, and MG. Mary Claire had drawn me this fantastic picture of us before I got there. It was labeled MJ, MC & MG. I knew MC (Mary Claire) and MG (Marshall Graham) but the MJ was new to me. I was kind of offended because I thought there was someone new in their life….but was quickly informed, “MJ is for Miss Jess.” I love this girl.

All of our days were spent at the beach. Doing N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Though we managed to eat a bit. I might have rolled onto the plane home after the Gorp, Chex Mix, Baby Bites, and Reese’s cookies…

I cherish my time with this precious family. I love watching M and MC grow up.

And a little throwback to Watersound Beach Trip 2010...

Love my Birmingham family.

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